About Us

The Future Movers Programme is an initiative on building an inclusive and market-driven Vocational Educational and Training (VET) ecosystem with the goal of increasing employability among internally displaced persons (IDPs), primarily the youth, in post-conflict Marawi.

After the victory of the Philippine military over armed rebel groups that had besieged Marawi City for over five months, the city has been progressing steadily towards rehabilitation and recovery. While there are existing efforts at multi-sectoral rehabilitation, roadblocks still deter Marawi’s progress. In particular, the lack of appropriate construction skills and technical qualifications prevent job-seeking youth from securing jobs and, consequently, uplifting their economic capacity.

The Future Movers’ VET ecosystem aims to up-skill and right-skill the youth by improving access to inclusive vocational education and training, incentivized completion, and streamlined transition. The programme is founded with multi-stakeholder partnerships, innovative learning approaches, global and standardized skills certification, and comprehensive labour market integration.